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Doubly excited - the secret's out and it's Fri-Yay ! ......

My new advertising campaign has hit the news and I couldn't be happier

So, earlier this week some of you might know that I had the absolute pleasure of having a photoshoot

with Joanne Cooper (who I would highly recommend by the way).

This has now lead to not only being able to update the one and only professional picture I had of myself on all media (ha ha) but now an advertorial live today on Derbyshire Live.

Check it out here: Apparently, the audience reach is approximately 8.1 million readers and viewers - wow! A little out of my comfort zone I must admit as I've never done any advertising like this before but so motivating. Available on all social media and highlighting all the excellent services we Helen Taylor VA Services offer. Have a browse and feel free to comment - would love to hear what you think - click either the link or pictures to take you straight there.

... and now to have a well earned glass of wine. Happy Friday everyone! (with special thanks to Sue Davenport and my hubby, Simon, for their input - when my eyes needed a second pair)

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