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Here's why you need to hire me....

When it comes to managing your business and its operations effectively, even highly productive companies and professionals cannot do it alone.

A Virtual Assistant can support your business by completing all admin day-to-day tasks.

Here's 6 reasons why...

1. Time: Your most valuable asset - not money. Once it's gone, it's gone. Trust and delegate your tasks so you can do what you love to do - not what you have to do.

2. Stay Focused: Don't miss your own deadlines because of the mundane workload. Outsource to keep you on track to achieve more.

3. Flexibility: A professional Virtual Assistant can handle many tasks at any one time, such as customer service, email detox, calendar tasks, travel plans, event managing, arranging meetings, customer satisfaction surveys, research, reports and much more.

4. Your own worth: It is all too important in today's society to reflect, take time out and realise your own values. Get your own hours back that you deserve and reach out and see how many hours you can save. Even with your own personal life, a Virtual Assistant can be invaluable to remind you of those upcoming birthdays, source a gift and book the restaurant you've always wanted to go to.

5. Outsource: Invest in a Virtual Assistant to schedule those meetings, research the market you've been meaning to do for weeks or simply have all those post-it-notes you have lying around turn into a strategic objective.

6. Lower your costs: Companies that hire Virtual Assistants benefit from lower costs as they are not required to provide added benefits (for example; office space, equipment, training, bonuses and covering holiday and sick pay). You only pay for what you need.

It is sad to hear many people at this time being made redundant (me included) but does that mean the role is redundant? What do you do now when all those admin tasks still need to be completed for the smooth operations of the business?

Contact Helen Taylor VA Services in one simple message and I can take care of the rest.

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